Judicial & Legal internships

AlphaSoup is enrolling qualified students in a PAID internship program to conduct research on State government naming protocols for agencies, programs, processes, facilities, legislation, and related governmental activities. AlphaSoup will provide training and support to interns, who will assemble a comprehensive database of individual State acronyms and abbreviations in a standard format. We will provide a sample of the work, a guide to help interns with the research, and a template for collecting the acronyms. We need students willing to work 20 hours per week (for six hours of internship credit)

TCA 26th Judicial District- Civil Case Management Division

Intern will research civil cases, including reviewing files to determine claims for relief and issues still pending, assist Case Management Coordinators with the scheduling of cases and mailing notifications, contact attorneys to request specific information necessary for the processing of civil cases, answer phones as necessary and perform general clerical duties, such as sorting and distributing mail. Intern should have excellent customer service skills. Computer skills using Microsoft Office are a plus but are not required.

TCA 26th Judicial District- Family Court Division

Intern will administer customer service questionnaires to litigants and attorneys, prepare mass mailings, collect data from court files to assist with program evaluation, manually review court files to determine whether cases should be closed, enter case-related information into database, general clerical work (copying, filing), develop resource information for the Family Court staff, develop information for the public (e.g. frequently asked questions & answers), assist with special projects or events, serve as escorts to litigants with moving between courtrooms and court offices. Intern should have excellent customer service skills. Computer skills using Microsoft Office are preferred.

TCA 26th Judicial District- Operations Division

Intern will assist the Interpreter Manager with scheduling foreign language or American Sign Language interpreters, will administer the local accreditation exam, will process fee applications, and will assume other administrative duties. Intern will also assist the Post Judgment Services Center Receptionist, Fine Collection Coordinator, Jury Coordinator and the Operations Administrator. Intern should have excellent customer service and organizational skills. Computer skills using Microsoft Office are preferred.

NC Wildlife Federation

Three internships available, non-paid

The interns will interpret the NC Wildlife Action Plan, which is a comprehensive statewide strategy to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered and to keep common species common. Interns will produce 25-50 page guides for specific regions of NC. These guides will include wildlife conservation issues and approaches to solving conservation problems. The guides will describe the current conditions of wildlife populations, statewide conservation strategies, urban wildlife management, private lands wildlife management, land conservation strategies, education, outreach and recreation strategies, and species and habitat assessments and conservation strategies.

Then the intern will localize the guide to be relevant to specific regions of the state based on where the NC Wildlife Federation has local wildlife chapters, such as, Asheville, charlotte, Raleigh and others.