Interdisciplinary Minor in Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies

Students in the Diverse Literatures and Cultural Studies (DLCS) Minor will be able to complement their education by exploring some of the most important issues concerning cultural, national, racial, ethnic, religious, and other forms of diversity related to identity, gender and sexuality, disability, age, and socio-economic status while studying in a variety of fields and subfields in English and the Humanities.

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| INTL 3127 Global Media | AFRS 3192 African Cinema | WGST 4170 Queer Theory | ENGL 4112 Modern World Literature | Check the university catalog for more information on the Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies Minor requirements.

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Comments from recent graduates:
Austin Demaglia, B.A. 2022
I have always had a longing to see what lies beyond horizons. I was in a constant state of yearning for adventure, to see places I have yet to be. As I was reaching my adult life, everything around me seemed to be shrinking. Reading became an outlet, and that led to an obsession with literature. Coming To UNCC from New Jersey, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. I didn’t think I belonged. I came across the Diverse Literatures and Cultures program without knowing it. I learned it was about “seeing,” it was expanding knowledge and empathy. There was this awakening on how different people are, but also how very similar. It wasn’t about me; it was about the acknowledgement of identity. It is a large world out there, and there is so much misunderstanding. There is this attempt to grasp and understand and respect somebody else’s differences and experiences. There is this level of understanding of what is beyond those horizons, even if only a little. […]

Lexi Lalloo , B.A. 2022
When my sophomore year approached, it was time to declare a minor and it proved to me greatly overwhelming with the large amount that UNCC offered. I was looking for a minor that could showcase my analytical and writing skills while strengthening it. Minors are intended to be supplementary to one’s major so I wanted one that could complement my two business majors in a more subjective manner. But I was also interested in educating myself on the uniqueness of cultures along with the power of words. […] I went to the English department’s page on UNCC and found the “Diverse Literatures and Cultural Studies” minor. […] Fast forward two years later, I completed the minor over the summer and I absolutely loved it. I learned so much about literature while understanding different cultural perspectives in the past and in the present day.