Interdisciplinary Minor in Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies

Students in the Diverse Literatures and Cultural Studies (DLCS) Minor will be able to complement their education by exploring some of the most important issues concerning cultural, national, racial, ethnic, religious, and other forms of diversity related to identity, gender and sexuality, disability, age, and socio-economic status while studying in a variety of fields and subfields in English and the Humanities.

 Expand your intellectual horizons?

 Pursue a well-rounded English degree?

 Take courses in other departments?
Courses recently offered:

|  INTL 3127 Global Media | AFRS 3192 African Cinema  | WGST 4170 Queer Theory| ENGL 4112 Modern World Literature  |
Check the university catalog for more information on the Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies Minor requirements.

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