Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics

An interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics provides students with an opportunity to study linguistics within an interdisciplinary context. This minor recognizes that the academic study of linguistics is linked to other disciplines that focus on particular aspects of language as the object of study. Students participating in this minor select from a range of courses in Anthropology, English, Computer Sciences, Communication Studies, Cognitive Science, Languages and Culture Studies, Philosophy, and Teaching English as a Second Language.

The language industry is a leading employer globally, after government and the military. Students with linguistics knowledge pursue careers in many fields, including the following:
• Education
• Publishing
• Media
• Computer languages
• Voice analysis
• Communicative disorders
• Advertising
• Government

Check the university catalog for more information on the Linguistics Minor requirements.

To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Minor in Linguistics, contact: Dr. Ralf Thiede.

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