Minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies

For CLCS requirements worksheet, click here.

Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies (CLCS) is an interdisciplinary minor which allows students to select courses that focus on children’s literature as well as a range of other child-related fields of study, including child psychology, language acquisition, education, pediatric nursing, juvenile law, and the history and culture of childhood.

18 hours (6 courses) at the 2000 level and above, made up of:

  • ENGL 3103 (Children’s Literature)
  • At least 2 (or a maximum of 3) other courses (i.e.: 6-9 hours) in Children’s Literature offered by the English Department
  • At least 2 courses (or a maximum of 3, i.e.: 6-9 hours) that do not focus on children’s literature, but instead focus on child-related topics. (See below.)*

*Students majoring in Elementary Education may not apply any of their required professional education courses toward this minor.

Courses approved for the CLCS minor

Children’s Literature Courses:

  • ENGL 3103 (Children’s Literature) required
  • ENGL 2090 (Only topics related to children, adolescents, families, motherhood, or young people)
  • ENGL 2109 (Children’s Literature, Media, & Culture–Includes Disney and Children’s Literature)
  • ENGL 3050 (Only topics related to children, adolescents, families, motherhood, or young people)
  • ENGL 3102 (Literature for Young Children)
  • ENGL 3104 (Literature for Adolescents)
  • ENGL 4050 (Only topics related to children, adolescents, families, motherhood, or young people)
  • ENGL 4102 (Classics in British Children’s Literature)
  • ENGL 4103 (Classics in American Children’s Literature)
  • ENGL 4104 (Multiculturalism and Children’s Literature)

Other Child-Related Courses:

  • AMST 3210 Childhood in America
  • ANTH 2090 Topics in Anthropology—related to CLCS
  • CHFD 2111* Child Study: Interpreting Children’s Behavior
  • CHFD 2113* Infant and Early Years
  • CJUS 2120 Juvenile Justice
  • CJUS 3153 Juvenile Corrections
  • EDUC 2100 Introduction to Education and Diversity in Schools
  • EDUC 2150 Human Development Across the Life Span
  • ENGL 4263 Linguistics and Language Learning
  • MUSC 2191 Incorporating Music into the Elementary Classroom
  • NURS 2200 Human Growth and Development
  • PHIL 3241 Philosophy of Education
  • PSYC 2120 Child Psychology
  • PSYC 2121 Adolescent Psychology
  • SOCY 2132 Sociology of Marriage and the Family
  • SPED 2100 Introduction to Students with Special Needs
  • THEA 4160 Theatre for Youth
  • WMST 3130 Perspectives on Motherhood

*Prerequisite(s): Pre-CHFD or CHFD major or minor with GPA of at least 2.5 overall.

Other courses that do not appear on the list, especially topics and independent study courses, may be approved if they pertain to child-related topics. (Note: see individual departments for any pre-requisites for enrolling in the courses listed above)