Luther “Cole” Kissam V (Fall 2023, B.A.) publishes book of poetry

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Luther “Cole” Kissam V will graduate with a B.A. degree in English on December 15, 2023. He  has a concentration in Creative Writing and completed the English Honors program. While working to complete his degree, Cole published a book of poetry that explores his experiences with mental illness. The poems in his book Have I Told You About My Superpowers: A Book of Resilient Verse are described as “reveal[ing] the tumult and tranquility teetering in us all, especially in those whose experience of beauty, joy, and, pain is physical, sometimes tragic, and often supernatural.” Inside UNC Charlotte recently published a feature article recounting Cole’s experiences and the many challenges he faced in finishing his degree. Congratulations are due to Cole for overcoming so much and on his fine achievements as an English Major and UNC Charlotte student!