Professor Pilar Blitvich Publishes New Book

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Dr. Pilar Blitvich, an expert in pragmatics and (im)politeness research, has just published Pragmatics, (Im)politeness, and Intergroup Communication: A Multilayered Discursive Analysis of Cancel Culture with Cambridge University Press. This book adopts in-depth, qualitative discursive analysis to explore the processes involved in creating Cancel Culture, both online and offline. Blitvich describes these processes as “degradation ceremonies [that are] associated with identity reduction and stigmatization as a result of perceived moral failings” (p. 77). In her careful exploration of Cancel Culture, Blitvich demonstrates how coercion, power, and ingroup/outgroup building unfold and how they function to strengthen group values. See here for more information. The book is free to download until February 6, 2024.