Professor JuliAnna Ávila publishes new book.

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Professor JuliAnna Ávila’s has just published a new book titled Fine Horses and Fair-Minded Riders: Modern Vaquero Horsemanship (Purdue University Press). This book documents what she has learned from contemporary practitioners of Vaquero horsemanship to explore a range of topics. These topics include self-directed learning journeys, the flexibility of apprentice and expert positions, the influence of consumer culture, the philosophy and significance of the cultural roots of Vaquero horsemanship, the role of technology, and what the future of this continually evolving horsemanship might include.

One reviewer writes: “For the time I spent with Fine Horses and Fair-Minded Riders: Modern Vaquero Horsemanship, I gained insight and a sense of the peacefulness of living with horses. Avila’s unique book on horsemanship has much to teach humankind about living in a time of duress, short tempers, and upheavals the world over.” 

For more information about the book, see here. To read an interview with Professor Ávila about her new book, please see here.