Professor Meghan Barnes publishes new book

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Professor Meghan Barnes’ new book Teaching for Equity, Justice, and Antiracism with Digital Literacy Practices: Knowledge, Tools, and Strategies for the ELA Classroom, co-edited with Rick Marlatt (New Mexico State University), has just been published by Routledge. This volume demonstrates how English Language Arts (ELA) teachers can use digital tools “in the service of antiracist teaching” and to develop “equity-oriented mindsets in teaching and learning.”

One reviewer noted that the book brings together “leading scholars in the field of English Language Arts” and that it is “profound in its conceptualizations of the connections between digital literacy and learner diversity and rich in its depiction of learning practices.” She describes the authors as “pathbreakers in their respective areas of expertise” who are “traversing some of the most pressing challenges for English Language Arts today” and contends that the book “will prove to be of lasting significance to the field of English Language Arts.”

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