CharlOz 2024!

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Please read this April 2023 article in Exchange on CharlOz.

CharlOz’s three-day interdisciplinary festival (September 27-29, 2024) explores how L. Frank Baum’s fairy tale timelessly reflects American values with its vast array of characters. Even as the Oz theme inspires new interpretations, it remains relevant, celebrating all representations of non-traditional characters.

As Oz magic continues far beyond Baum’s lifetime, we benefit from fresh Oz interpretations in visual, performing, and literary art. Works like The Wiz, Wicked, Dorothy Must Die, and Amy Chu and Janet K. Lee’s Sea Sirens reflect changes in American culture, while incorporating the non-traditional gender roles and diverse characters that Baum ingrained in Oz.

Oz appeals to all ages, inspires adaptations from creators and designers, allows scholars to explore a multitude of textual interpretations, calls to cosplayers to live a dream, and fills collectors’ spaces with merchandise. CharlOz is a chance to respond to how Oz inspires you.

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