Vision, Mission & Diversity

UNC Charlotte English Department Vision Statement (2021-2026 English Department Strategic Plan)

We envision a world where Humanities-inspired scholarship and creative work shape the consciousness of the local community, nation, and world.

UNC Charlotte English Department Mission Statement (2021-2026 English Department Strategic Plan)

We promote all pursuits related to creative writing, linguistics, literature, pedagogy, popular culture, and technical/professional communication in a variety of media (print and digital).

UNC Charlotte English Department Statement on Diversity (2009)

The English Department strives to create an academic climate that respects people of varied cultural backgrounds and life experiences. As a community of scholars and teachers who study language, literature, and writing, we are committed to nurturing intellectual and aesthetic diversity. In all our activities, we invite participation by diverse groups, including, but not limited to, those who define themselves in the following terms: race and ethnicity; gender; political orientation; sexual orientation; special health needs; age; religion; country of origin; and socio-economic status. Finally, by fostering multiple perspectives in our coursework, we can help our students prepare to participate in our increasingly diverse society, as well as in the global community.