Language and Digital Technology Concentration, English B.A.

This pioneering concentration combines linguistics and technical/professional writing, offering unique and cutting-edge applied-language expertise to English majors interested in any career that requires expertise in how people interact and present themselves on different platforms and media, how they respond to language, and how they negotiate power and identity through language. Such knowledge is necessary in many careers such as speech writing, advertising, medical narratives, education, profiling, belief formation, corporate storytelling, and bibliotherapy.

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Learn from Brittany Stone (BA 2009, MA 2012) on how her English classes, with an emphasis in linguistics, prepared her for a career as a Lead Product Strategist at Skookum and as the owner of Brainchild, a consulting company:

Listen to Dmitri Tereshenko (BA 2021) talk about how his linguistics courses prepared him for his current MA coursework at Georgetown University and his work as a private linguistics consultant (Tech, Education, and Healthcare Market Research)

Listen to Molly Unrath (BA 2021) talk about how her coursework in English and linguistics helped prepare her for her current work as a Search Engine Optimization Analyst for Bankrate.