Other Internships

AlphaSoup is enrolling qualified students in a PAID internship program to conduct research on State government naming protocols for agencies, programs, processes, facilities, legislation, and related governmental activities. AlphaSoup will provide training and support to interns, who will assemble a comprehensive database of individual State acronyms and abbreviations in a standard format. We will provide a sample of the work, a guide to help interns with the research, and a template for collecting the acronymns. We need students willing to work 20 hours per week (for six hours of internship credit)

Friendship Trays

Friendship Trays is a private, nonprofit agency that delivers more than 700 meals daily to homebound recipients in the Charlotte area. Our mission statement is: To deliver, in a caring and friendly manner, balanced meals to individuals in this community who are unable, because of age or infirmity, to obtain and prepare their own meal. We seek an intern interested in various aspects of public relations and marketing of a non-profit organization. We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2006 and much of the time will be spent on projects related to our celebration. We are looking for someone interested in technical writing, organizing events, marketing and development of a non-profit organization. Computer skills using Microsoft Office are preferred. http://www.friendshiptrays.org/

Office of Enrollment Management: UNC Charlotte

Office of Enrollment Management (Financial Aid division) wants to publicize more broadly the availability of departmental scholarships. The Development Office and some donors are very interested in having us develop a searchable website that list all scholarships (or as many as we can reasonable do and then continue to add them over the years) and give information on the donor, department offering the scholarships, criteria, and how to apply. We have nothing like that now and students nor donors could figure out what’s available. There are sites like this at many larger schools such as U. South Carolina or the U. of Florida.

Intern would work with the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Development to track down the information (name of scholarship, donor information, criteria, contact dept or person) on a bunch of scholarships, developing a website that would make donors feel good to see their scholarship acknowledged, have basic search features so students, parents, donors could find scholarships by major or by student classification (freshman, soph, etc). This also has to be something that a staff person in FA could update without having to be a computer expert!